North Link Ferries lambasted for Nazi symbolism

3 May 2013

north link ferries

North Link Ferries have launched their new branding, starring Magnus the Viking, who apparently embodies "dynamism, power and pride" according to the company.

However, it also happens to symbolise Hitler and his Nazi party according to one German tour operator, urging the ferry firm to have a bit of a rethink. Worse still is that academics had already warned the company about the logo earlier this year.

If you didn't know, Viking imagery was used by the Nazis as a symbol of Aryan heritage and cultural pride and there, as you can see, this new logo shows a rather proud looking Magnus with his arm in the air.

Peter Storm, who runs Hamburg-based tour operators Britain Travel, said: “We saw the logo for the first time and we immediately thought of the imagery used at the time Hitler was in power in Germany. It is not even the arm pointing in the air but the whole figure is associated with Viking propaganda symbols from that period.”

“They need to move away from the Nazi symbolism. NorthLink is not on a crusade or looting expedition and this Viking symbol could upset Germans.”

Dr Victoria Whitworth, a lecturer in Nordic Studies based in Orkney, said concerns had been privately raised to Serco NorthLink ages ago, and she said: “There is an Aryan element associated with the Vikings. We didn't feel Serco NorthLink had perhaps projected the image they were intending. The artistic style they have chosen is very much of that early 20th-century aesthetic. They could perhaps have consulted more widely.”

"This could also be a problem for Scandinavian visitors, given their complex relationship with that ideology. They are very much a target audience for tourism in Orkney.”

A spokeswoman at NorthLink isn't having any of it, saying: “Launched in January, the Magnus icon forms part of our wider campaign to attract more visitors to the Northern Isles based on their unique history, landscape and visitor experience. The logo has received excellent feedback from passengers and the tourism industry.”

The Nazis didn't listen to criticism either.


  • Don D.
    This was my idea and a damn fine idea. You just don't "get" it. Now I'm off to have a whiskey and cheat on my missus.
  • Kevin
    What rubbish, if they have a problem with it don't travel on their ferries, it's blatently obvious what it is.
  • Alexis
    Never ever associated Vikings with Nazis.
  • Mick T.
    Time to re-build that association with something positive, well maybe a company logo isn't exactly 'positive' but at least it's better than vikings being associated with the Nazis.
  • Raggedy
    How stupid. Anyone can tell it's an image of the God of Thunder, Thor, saying "Look at my hammer go!"
  • Gaaaaaah
    What a bunch of uttercunts. Since when did the nazi salute include pointing? Anyone who finds offense in that logo needs to grow the fuck up and stop whining.
  • bob
    Any prick that gets upset at looking at a logo that looks vaguely a bit like something else if you squint, is a pathetic twat that doesn't deserve to have their opinion heard. They should just fuck off and quiver in a corner somewhere afraid of everything around them. Or something like that anyway... Hmmm.. I wonder what's for dinner?
  • 2rrwe
    apple with facebook oh and ebay reminds me about nazistXD dont forget all nazis runaway to usa
  • Cheesey
    Let's face it. Anything that involves SERCO is a flop.
  • oliverreed
    Best never use an image of vikings for anything ever again then.
  • Daisy D.
    It's not looking good for those two Nazis on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.
  • Mustapha S.
    Aura bar in derby has a more Nazi like logo that this imo
  • SamuraiHQ
    Let this be a lesson to everyone reading this. Don't point. Nazi's!
  • jojitsiu
    Is the raping and pillaging tax free whilst on the ferries?
  • tom
    @jojitsiu No but the killing of Jews is.
  • Dick
    So it is the wrong arm, and pointing. Hardly a Nazi salute. Why aren't they banging on about Hindus and Buddists that continue to use the swastika as a religious symbol after the Nazis nicked it. They only had it for a few thousand years before the Nazis adopted it, so should clearly wipe out their historical use, much like Scandinavia should drop it's Viking history.

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