No, the girl doesn’t come with it. So don’t ask.

What fresh hell is this then? Why, it’s a PRC – that’s a ‘Personal Rockin’ Computer’ apparently. But where is the computer? There isn’t one – you provide your own.

The PRC is intended to be a personal workstation for you to inhabit while you tippy-tappy away on your laptop or leer at a similar portable modern device. Better still, it’ll only cost you in the region of £3,000 of you fancy one. Deranged Swedes are behind it you see.

The manufacturers’ website describes the PRC as “a crossover between design also sculpture” whereas we’re of the opinion that it’s more of a crossover between nonsense and bullshit.

We can’t criticise it too heavily as there’s one winging its way to the office right now, for review purposes. Except we’ve got no intention of reviewing it – we’re planning to exercise the Bitterwallet capybara in it.
[via dvice]


  • Tom P.
    That chick is definitely ready for a thrust.
  • Amanda H.
    I think she's sorted for that already Tom. btw, is she a dark angel or something, there's definitely some wing action going on behind her. What was this blog about again? I forgot.
  • Song B.
    Isn't that a shagging cradle?
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Is that girl rubbing her private parts whilst on that contraption?
  • RobC
    A shagging cradle ? more like one step to the A&E if you tried with a possibility of trouser snake reattachment and back corrective surgery
  • Nobby
    Ikea will soon make a budget version for £3.99.
  • Andy B.
    does the girl come with it?
  • maxtweenie
    Does the girl come with it? She would if I had my way with her.........
  • james d.
    It's only £2.5k, exchange rate is about 12sek. I just got back from Sweden on tuesday, I have never seen any thing like this there. I can't imagine many Swedes having this in their living room.
  • pauski
    I guess this is the link with why Paul Smith going to Gothenburg??? Maybe he will be evaluating it prior to Andy getting his hands on her / it.
  • Ian
    Does the girl come with it?
  • Oi o.
    I wonder if the girl comes with it...

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