No one really reads printer cartridge descriptions do they?




  • The B.
    I call fake, failing that, hacked. No one who's employed to write and proofread could make that many grammatical mistakes (unless they were very, very bad at their job).
  • Nobby
    There / they're / their fucking retarded.
  • gsrfd
    It may be fake, but when I worked for a computer accessory company I had to do this job and it's true, it's so boring. Trying to come up with something fancy to write because the boss tells you to within a tight deadline. I was tempted to do something similar.
  • Bazinga
    It's entirely believable with spelling standards these days. It's not generally that linguistically demanding to write technical descriptions about printer cartridges...
  • The R.
    WTF is dis real?
  • The B.
    Probably is. Could be. Just maybe.
  • The B.
    Even with spelling like that this is probably real!

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