No, no, NO... we're not doing the 'Keep Calm' thing any more. It's OVER...

As spotted in Wythenshawe by avid Twitter user @drunkenoaf. This is well and truly the lowest moment for an incredibly worn-out old meme. Please, like the war that spawned it, LET IT END!



  • greg
    if anyone gets me any shit with 'keep calm and...' on for xmas, i will fucking smash it up in their face and shit on them. fucking knobheads
  • Alexis
    You know their old slogan was "Wythenshawe - still wyth it!"
  • The B.
    Be fair now, if you were 17 with an IQ of around 60, this would be amusing, you wouldn't understand why but your mates would all agree it was cool.
  • Mike H.
    Damn it greg, I got you a loverly tea cosy with 'Keep Calm and sip some tea through your brown teeth ya cunt!' on.
  • Tony T.
    Huh, it's almost as boring as using the 'Your mum' line. What spazz uses that anymore!?
  • Dick
    Why can't they go back to the original meaning, and have something like Keep Calm and Punch a German.
  • Dick
    Although I wouldn't mind a Keep Calm and Stop Being a Spastic one.
  • Mike H.
    Keep Calm and stop being a spazzy spastic spac.
  • Raggedy
    In keeping with the current theme: Why not "I fucked your mum - Keep Calm!" :-)
  • Mike H.
    Keep Calm just relax the rape alarm doesn't work
  • Mike H.
    Keep Calm and Carry on I don't think wife will find us.
  • vibeone
    Keep calm and carry on tea-bagging me I hope my dad doesn't come upstairs.
  • Mike H.
    Keep calm and carry on but I think the johnny has split.

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