No more long wait for new pop single releases


Rejoice one and all, for The X Factor has changed the world as we know it forever!

The music industry has decided that the tradition of releasing the competition winner’s single almost immediately has much merit as opposed to getting up to six weeks of pre-release radio airplay, and will be adopting a similar strategy ASA bloody P.

Obviously, they’ve got one eye on the balance sheet and are alarmed by the number of pirated versions of singles that are appearing online within minutes of the songs being broadcast on the radio. This IS the music industry after all – they’re not renowned for being a huge charity.

Universal and Sony will launch their new cash-grabbing action plan next month, possibly encouraged by the fact that Matt Cardle’s single sold almost half a million copies after it was released. So it’s a WIN for the consumer and a WIN for the music industry.

Let’s all have a disco!


  • delrio
    'must be the music' did this before x-factor (i believe), the sky 1 show allowed you to buy the semi-finalists stuff from i-tunes, as the show was still going on. when x-factor did that this year i just assumed they'd liked the idea and poached it
  • Muso
    You mean how records were released in the 50s and 60s then?
  • shinkyshonky
    X-Factor ....shittiest music/programme this side of John Logie Baird

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