No kits out for the lads on the Tyne

Newcastle United is a football club in freefall. Freshly relegated from the Premier League, the club and most of its players are up for sale. The trouble is, no one wants to buy.

One way that football clubs can usually guarantee some income from even the most dejected of fans is via the replica kit. Newcastle’s fans are renowned for their devotion to the black and white stripes. However, they appear to be less than impressed by the new yellow and yellower stripes on their new away kit.

The ‘custard cream’ strip, as it has been nicknamed by amused fans of bitter rivals Sunderland, went on sale to the public for the first time last Friday. Can you guess how many punters queued up to get their hands on one? Just three.

That’s after the club had announced a pre-sale discount from £40 to £32 on the back of less-than-impressive pre-order figures. 18 year-old fan Stephen Watson was one of the three. He said: "I don't even like the shirt, but I'm a Newcastle fan so I'm still happy to buy it. But I might wear a jumper on top of it.”

On Saturday the team wore the ridiculous new kit for the very first time (EDIT: first time since it went on sale to fans), in a friendly against League One side Leyton Orient. They lost 6-1. Even if you’re a Sunderland fan, it must be hard not to feel a little bit of sympathy for them…

[Thanks to Bitterwallet reader Tom Pickering]


  • Brian
    Why aye man, i'm not gay like, but that dude looks dishy in that shirt.
  • Joe
    I heard "Birds" are considering sponsoring Oldcastle Un-United. They produce the best custard I've ever tasted!
  • dados
    prob be ok unless you are over 14,then you'll look a dick,any fella wearing a footie top looks a dick,unless you are Spanish,then you seem to get away with it
  • andy y.
    2010 will be a BIG year for Insolvency Practitioners with football club experience
  • Tom P.
    Poor old Newcastle, i bet those twats Ant & Dec are crying into their Newcastle Brown
  • Cal
    Ever heard of doing even a vague bit of research? Newcastle have worn the strip for 4 games now, having won the 3 prior to the Leyton Orient match (3-0, 7-2 and 1-0). The main reason for the poor turnout for the initial launch was the far larger event a few hours later for which hundreds queued up - shirt (and other) signings by the players at the same store.
  • Tom P.
    @Cal you are a Looney Toon, they reduced the price from £40 to £32 a WEEK before it went on sale because there were hardly any forward orders.
  • Andy D.
    Cal, they didn't wear it for the Shamrock Rovers match, Should have done your research.
  • Dan
    @TomPickering The deal to reduce the price by 20% was a deal advertised from the day they unveiled the new kit design. It was a limited offer which expired yesterday. Every single strip has similar deals, whether it be discounts or free footballs or discounted match tickets. Of course, the retarded media latch on to it, make up whatever shit they want and continue to insist upon banging on about NUFC, because they've fuck all worthwhile to comment on. I expect Bitterwallet to publish such stories, but the BBC? Then again, who are the bigger mugs, the BBC etc for reporting such shit, or you twats for taking it as gospel?
  • Geoff J.
    Haha Newcastle are shit. They got what they deserve, a shit kit played in by shit players in front of shit supporters.

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