Newspaper hopes you'll buy a copy to find out who died

The plight of the local press continues, although this time it isn't a desperate attempt to fill pages of dead wood with stories of stolen pillowcases.

Instead, witness the Evening Star in Ipswich battle valiantly with the intermaweb, with its subtle and sensitive attempt to persuade you to buy its newspaper:

Bitterwallet - Ipswich Evening Star

Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Disco Rhino


  • Darren
    how low can they go.. enter them into a limbo competition and they will win
  • Tim F.
    Not only tacky, but verging on the illiterate. "...find out who the victim has been named locally as"? Yuk.
  • wot
    does this not just mean that either they dont know yet and/or that family haven't been informed? thought 'named locally as' basically meant that some random guy has said 'its wee johnny from down ma road' but nothing official. timing of internet doesn't support that but thats they way i thought it was
  • Paul S.
    @Wit - I know what you mean, but I can't see the being the case here: - If the newspaper doesn't know the name of the dead women yet, they can't guarantee they will before that day's edition - If the family hasn't been informed yet, they can't guarantee they will have been informed before that days' edition
  • zeddy
    Well?! Who the fuck was it!?
  • Codify
    This is really low. Disgusting. Almost as bad as publishing a light-hearted story joking about the death of a man who fell to his death from a cliff.
  • zeddy
    WHO WAS IT THEN!!!??
  • Michael
    Is this the same Natalie Hoodless who wrote this terrible article about the BNP, as covered in the Guardian?
  • Did B.
    [...] we showed you an example of a newspaper craftily holding back some crucial details of a story just so that they could get you to go out and buy the dead tree [...]

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