News website scorns ticket agency while plugging ticket agencies

Rabid Bitterwallet reader ‘andy of yarm’ dropped us a line earlier with a link to the Teesside Evening Gazette’s website. The site features the horrific tale of similarly rabid 12-year-old JLS fan Jasmine Robson of Teesside, who is broken of heart following a ticket purchase fiasco.

Jasmine’s mum ordered tickets for a JLS gig from a third-party reselling agency, Magnitude Events, but mother and daughter were gutted beyond words when it turned out that the agency had seemingly scarpered with their cash and that the tickets didn’t even exist.

Mum Vicky said: ““When we saw the website was down there were a lot of links and people were all asking ‘what’s happening to Magnitude Events?’,” with the Gazette adding that Vicky had found the firm through a link on a legitimate website. A legitimate website such as the one for the Teesside Evening Gazette we assume.

But what’s this when we scroll down to the bottom of the Gazette’s coverage of the story and take a look at the Google Ads below…?

Screen shot 2010-02-02 at 16.01.01

Oh dear. Fail, as we believe they say in the playgrounds these days.


  • andy y.
    I will be signing autographs 7pm-8pm
  • The B.
    She's lucky, I'd pay to not ever have to see JLS.
  • Nobby
    It would have been better if she found out JLS didn't exist.
  • joynal
    who the F is JLS???
  • andy y.
    Well that was my 15 mins.It was shit.
  • Graham
    why is it a fail? The paper has sold it's advertising spots to google who advertise based on the content of the page. As the story is about JLS tickets, google's Ad Bots have searched the content of the article, found "JLS" & "tickets" and so shown adverts relating to to this. I'm not a computer programmer, but i'm fairly sure Ad Bots don't currently have the ability to sense that they are about to commit a"Fail" with what they're advertising. Bitterwallet reporting a non-existent story... FAIL!!!!!!
  • FAiL
    How is it not a fail? They are slating tix agencies then advertising them on the same page. Blaming it on a computer doesn't really work.
  • Graham
    As above comment. They don't control wwhat ads are placed on the page. Simple As

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