News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest Best of Bitterwallet

Do you want to lick Margaret Thatcher's face? bitterwallet/stamp
Courier leaves parcel in a bizarre place bitterwallet/whenthisolworldstartsgettingmedown
The Chopper is back! bitterwallet/retro
Buy knickers that look like you've wet yourself bitterwallet/scads
Car wash wrecks expensive car bitterwallet/beemer
Stop rapists with your phone bitterwallet/apps
Chuggers are exploiting the vulnerable bitterwallet/charity
Watch videos of cats while on a plane bitterwallet/miaow
Virgin Media banned for fibs bitterwallet/mislead

Best of the Rest

Sharks keep eating Google's cables gizmodo/google
The new flippable USB! recombu/usb
Is the UK winning the global growth race? telegraph/economy
50 Cent headphones will monitor your heart mail/yoshorty
How much did this rare Ferrari sell for? abcnews/rare-ferrari
Bad chemicals banned from iPhones inferse/banned-apple
UK rents. Yep, they're on the rise again bbc/rent
Magazine print sales are way, way down guardian/paper

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