News round-up – the best of the week’s stories

bwbest The best of Bitterwallet

Stick a baseball bat up my what?! bitterwallet/sexybat
Tesco - the pizza delivery service? bitterwallet/pizza
What to do next - Ovivo bitterwallet/ovivo
Selfies while driving. Surely a terrible idea? bitterwallet/selfies
Savoury Weetabix? WTF bitterwallet/weetabix
Cluttered cars failing MOTs bitterwallet/MOT
A new food crisis! Hurray! bitterwallet/adulteration

The best of  the rest

Refunds for credit cards? telegraph/refunds
Boozing in Starbucks? fashiontimes/starbucks
Google hit out at Glass haters theguardian/google-glass
How do you 'find' a load of Bitcoins? nytimes/bitcoins
Android for smartwatches newsnet5/smartwatches
Twitter to annoy you with weekly reports indiatimes/Twitter

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