Newfangled 3D TV football has got nothing on this...

Not sure how it works - maybe you have to wear special glasses with paper lenses to get the full effect? Or has it got something to do with the fact that Clottey looked like he would struggle to fight his way out of a paper bag a week last Saturday night?


[Engrish Funny]


  • Mike
    There just looking to the future with this as it says Sunday March 14th which would catch anyone out except it cleverly disguises the year. This is what they have it planned for: Think outside your paper boxes peoples.
  • Joff
    Paper view - that's just a load of photos printed out onto sheets of A4.
  • Matt
    Never mind that, the fact its brought you to by the leading anti dandruff shampoo is what got me
  • Chris
    What's a welterweight?
  • jong
    They are branching out. Paper View usually just covers the Origami Championships. Hand me my's the one intricately folded into the shape of a unicorn.
  • Nobby
    Paperview is one of those flick-book things kids used to make by having a series of images drawn on the corner of a pad.

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