Newcastle meets Amsterdam, gets the munchies on Google Maps

As part of Newcastle Upon Tyne's inner city redevelopment, the city council has taken a more liberal attitude towards drugs. As somebody has pointed out, it's the sort of business that's right at home between Greggs and a kebab shop called Munchies. Google Maps - it really is the gift that keeps giving:

[Google Maps] via [TwitPic]


  • andy y.
    next door is the pot office
  • andy y.
    oh shit that's the point of the there an I am a dick please delete function?
  • cripps555
    As a royal mail employee will i get a discount at the pot office
  • Jonny P.
    Living locally this is very apt since this 'pot' office is located just yards from both Newcastle and Northumbria Universities.. Obviously the google camera geek is trying to be ironic! (and is is a local student)
  • Derren B.
    You did not read that post above and don't think about penguins or scrath your head! p.s. 87
  • G. T.
    Hope that worked for you AoY
  • Nigel
    It really is Newcastle meets Amsterdam. Further down the same road is also a shop called 'Get Stuffed'.
  • Rude T.
    What happens in one of the Munchies Don't judge us just by this!
  • Tom P.
    Posted by Rude Tube | August 29th, 2009 at 8:31 am "What happens in one of the Munchies" What a load of Geordie knob heads, can't they afford to go to a dance club?
  • Existentialist T.
    It's so the 'old fuckers' can draw their pension, buy some medicinal 'gange' then go get some scrann all within walking distance of Ethel Austins or C&A* *Comment assumes Ethel Austins and C&A still exist.

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