New Yorkers need to think before they drink

As a race, humans are doomed. Seriously, we’re approaching the end of days. If you’re reading this and you’re a mover/shaker in the hierarchy of a nuclear power, go for the button. DO IT NOW. It’s the least we deserve.

You’re probably wondering what has prompted this strange tirade, especially so early in the morn. It’s simply the news that bottled tap water is available in New York and what’s more, it’s actually selling, being punted out at roughly 35 cents less than its complicated mineral-derived cousin, and snaffled up by scores of suckers.

We’re not denying that it’s good stuff – New York’s tap water is renowned for its quality but… they’re selling fucking tap water! To real people. For real money. It’s insanity.

Now, how much am I bid for this invisible carrier bag full of fresh-ish Sunderland air?

[Los Angeles Times]


  • -=Mike H.
  • Wintersmute3
    I'll swap for this bag from 'Boro
  • crazy
    Crazy im telling ya son!
  • Tony C.
    Hey it's not the sellers that are insane it's the idiots who buy. Anyway i would buy the bag of Sunderland air, it may be coldish but it's 5* quality!
  • Lumoruk
    I don't see a problem, if it's cheaper than other waters then it's a bargain. If you're a tourist in a city you can't just pop home to drink some cheap tap water.
  • Andy
    As long as they're labelling it as tap water then its not really a problem. Like Lumoruk said, some people just may not have instant access to water
  • del b.
    the trotters would be proud!! Coke has been doing this for years, stating that they "fliter it" first, nothing new really. If you wanna drink and have no access to a tap and this is cheaper which are you going to go for
  • Seen b.
    Not only Coke, my hometown did this in 1995

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