New Virgin Media router arrives in tampon box

Bitterwallet reader Craig isn't happy. He received a new router from Virgin Media, but it was meant to be a masculine router, a router forged by the hands of gritty, callus-palmed men. Instead he received a package aimed squarely at the woman-in-touch-with-herself-on-a-beach demographic. In Craig's own words:

What exactly is she doing that is any way remotely connected to the contents? Has it electrocuted her? Is it a her? As for the setup guide; all I can think is that maybe the pretty lady is trying to be a psychic? Which is a kind of wireless I suppose, but it’s not very good for downloading Battlestar Galactica is it?

And if there are no ugly wires as stated on the box, how do you power it or plug it into your modem? I guess it must have some of them fancy new pretty wires instead.

I’m going to give it to my sister, maybe she’ll appreciate it more than me.

Perhaps Craig's missing the point because he's a simple man; as the ladies all know, when you've got the painters in there's nothing more liberating than checking email and downloading the latest single from Girls Aloud. Well done, Virgin, for showing your feminine side to the world.


  • Savio
    Does it matter what it comes in? What is the point of BW?
    Just wasted a minute of my life reading that.
  • Noghar
    What is the point of BW? To witter on about this and that in a vaguely amusing way, like many newspaper columnists do, except you pay to read them. If you're that offended by BW, why are you even reading it? Still less posting to it? What's the point of your post, while you're at it?
  • Dank
    I have to admit, I've read this article/post twice now and still think I'm missing something? I don't mind BW, but I do think that sometimes it tries too hard to be amusing...
  • The B.
    Hey, it looks they all had the day off yesterday, we had no "I hatez you", "yer rubbash", "I'm a link clicking moron who then complains when I read the article on page fed by the link that I clicked". Welcome back all of you, were you all stocking up on your meds yesterday or was it PE day at school and the teacher always touches you inappropriately in the showers but you enjoy it and go back for more?
  • Dank
    See that was more amusing.
  • rofl
    omg.. i now come to BW for a laugh every day....unfortunately im laughing AT you not along with you :p
  • rofl
    also ever thought that a huge percentage of people who get these are complete technophobes and will be scared silly by a techy wirey geeky photo on the front before theyve even tried to set it up....
  • ABC
    So lets rather fool them with false advertising of people having fun etc while trying to install their new wireless router without any experience whatsoever. I think they should have a picture of a very angry lady or elder person and tell it like it is.
  • Adam (.
    I wonder if this version is for "Heavy Flow"
  • jaysexy212005
    I agree what is the point of this article? Many companies use women to promote their products even if the women have nothing to do with the product.
  • magicbeans
    awwww BW is sweet....keep it up paul and team.... x
  • Jim
    Sounded interesting from the title! Not so good read on this one IMO
  • Will
  • acecatcher3
    wow awesome news story paul ur sense of humour rivals andy dawsons could u just post pictures of trolleys on here instead of actually writing or copy pasting other companies news stories...i think everyone would be happier. the only mildly funny thing about bw is "Vince Wong's" name.
  • Jeffrey
    Sigh And here was me, expecting somebody to have actually received a router inside an actual used tampon box. Hmm. As it stands, yawn.
  • Bigger D.
    Maybe I could give it your Sister for you... phnar!!
  • Claudia
    Actually, Virgin have this tight if they are marketing to the female market. Research has shown that almost 80 per cent of purchasing decisions in the western world are made by women. And yet, most marketing is still aimed at men. So, it seems Virgin are at the cutting edge. Not sure about the execution though...
  • Claudia
    oops, I meant to say right, not tight! Must read posts before hitting 'post'!!

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