New university students! This is what you've got to look forward to...

Are you a student-in-waiting, about to embark on a move away from home? Ready to spread your wings and head off to university, where you hope to broaden your horizons? You’ll need to watch this short film, which acts as the perfect guide to the student life.

Okay, so it was made 40 years ago, but we’re pretty sure that most of it still applies today…


  • Sicknote
    You know, most of the people in this video would be near retired now.
  • Dick
    15 minutes is not short.
  • comecon
    Nice to see that the women are still doing their jobs here...
  • Kel
    @Dick Just keep telling yourself that :-P
  • Dick
    ^ If I spent 15 minutes watching that, I'd expect at least a BA in media studies at the end of it.

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