New Think Cyclist! poster is lousy

Since the Tour De France and Olympic and Paralympic successes, the UK has gone batshit mental for cycling. Sales have gone up and there's definitely more bikes on the road after summer. And so, the Department for Transport have decided that they better re-launch the Think Cyclist campaign. And it's crap.

Think Cyclist poster

It seems that DfT aren't too fussed about cyclists as they've only given one-fifteenth the funding to cyclists compared to motor-cyclists. The motorised Think Bike was given £1.2 million in 2012 alone, while Think Cyclist has been given the £80,000 the DfT found down the back of the sofa.

And chances are, most people won't ever see this awful campaign (look at the dreck above, featuring two berks and graphic design that looks like it was done by someone on an internship in their lunch hour), so what's the point in doing it at all?



  • Darren
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  • Darren
    well I actually for once put a constructive comment, but its awaiting moderation and going by the quality of the stories, it may get moderated in 10 years time
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    It's not two berks, you imbeciles. The point of the advert is many people cycle AND drive so drivers and cyclists are not mutually exclusive communities. So we're all just road users who should look out for each other. It's the same flipping person twice.
  • Pokeherpete
    @ PlatinumPlatypus - They are wearing different trousers, clearly they are different people Sent from my iPhone 5
  • Cheesey
    If they are the same person then why does he turn into a lunatic on two wheels and routinely disobey traffic signs/laws?
  • Cycle M.
    Running over cyclists may damage your car. That's good enough reason not to.
  • Her L.
    Car drivers routinely jump red lights, speed, don't wear seat belts and park illegally.
  • Emerald S.
    Apparently 150,000 pedal cyclist are killed or injured every year on the roads. Natural selection?
  • The M.
    How about a campaign to stop cyclists using the fucking pavement. It seems to be mainly middle aged women and kids. Bastards.
  • Dick
    He should put the helmet on his head. It is safer if he falls off and he is less likely to fall off if he sits on the saddle.
  • Darren
    September 21, 2012 at 3:51 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation. stilllllllllllllllll.............. hahahahaha

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