New reward card aims to stop our children's children from dying horrible, choking deaths

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Are you a friend of Mother Earth, sucking gently on her teat while carefully stroking her hair, or do you treat her like dirt, throwing empty crisp packets in her face and releasing massive carbon emissions into her boots?

If you’re the former, there’s a new loyalty card scheme that could be just for you. It’s called Ice, it’s ran by the former head of Airmiles, and you collect points and treats for buying stuff and using services that don’t kick Mother Earth squarely up the arse.

Companies that can score you points on your Ice card include Eurostar, Green & Black’s, City Car Club, Vintage Roots and BP. Okay, maybe not BP. As you’d expect, different spend levels lead to different rewards, but if it encourages any of you ‘orrible lot to stop thinking about yourselves and start taking more care of the planet, it can only be a good thing, right?

Right, that’s our contractually-obliged big-up for the environment for Q1 2011 out of the way – now we’re off outside to turn on a load of patio heaters...



  • Nob
    How many points do I get for pissing directly into a drain, rather than flushing a toilet?
  • The B.
    "it’s ran by the former head of Airmiles" Come on Andy, you can do better than that.

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