New Polaroid cameras unveiled by Lady Gaga, naturally

7 January 2011

When you need somebody to showcase your Mission Impossible style sunglasses, your Bluetooth printer and your new flagship camera, who you gonna call? Lady Gaga of course! Fresh from a wake and ready to rock the stage at CES!

Watch in wonder as the music sensation effortlessly gushes through a script concerning the glasses that take photos and video, the printer that connects to mobile phones and a camera shaped like a doorstop. More amazingly, Lady Gaga not only takes her Bluetooth out with her to bars, it was her idea!

"I'm very excited about this camera." No, you're not at all, Zsa Zsa.

[Electric Pig]

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  • domestic&General=shit
    Bun this Bitch and her bullshit envisions.. On a more polite note, I think this device is rather Crap,

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