New perfume lets you smell like a fireman

electrical fire

Fancy smelling like a burned down house and B.O.? You're in luck, because someone has come up with a perfume that smells like a firefighter!

Manufacturers from New York came up with the idea after the Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three people, which seems tasteful.

Demeter Fragrance Library CEO Mark D Crames said: "We have an unusual approach to fragrances; we're constantly looking for things that resonate.

"We originally wanted to create a perfume for the New York City fire department, but after the events in Boston we decided to tailor the perfume for the Boston firefighters."

The perfume has the usual concoction of spices and flowers, but also has hints of smoke and rubber. There might be notes of mourning too, we just don't know.

Demeter has said that 75% of the proceeds will go towards the Boston First Responders Fund, which is pretty nice. However, the police and ambulance crews that attended the scene of the Boston tragedy are probably pretty jealous right now.



  • jim
    only in america......
  • Name*
    "There might be notes of mourning too" and you have the nerve to write that the concept is tasteless.'re a tool! When will Bitterwallet get back to some proper articles?

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