New name for recommended gas engineer register

Possibly following a legal challenge by the Queen’s dogs, the well-known CORGI name has been scrapped from the gas engineering scene. CORGI of course was he mark of quality we all looked for in a gas repair person, but it is no more, and has been replaced with the Gas Safe Register, which makes much more sense as a name, in spite of the fact that we’d all more or less got used to CORGI.

From today, any person or business carrying out work on gas appliances in Britain needs to be on the Gas Safe Register by law, and their website allows you to search for local gas engineers who you can trust. Engineers on the new register will also have to carry a Gas Safe ID card with the scheme’s snazzy yellow logo on it.

But don’t worry if you have some kind of weird attachment to the CORGI name – they’re not dead and buried in spite of having lost the gas safety tender to Capita. CORGI will continue to list accredited plumbing, electrical and ventilation engineers. So that’s okay – no needless confusion for any of us there then. God spare us.



  • Joff
    Aren't all gas engineers ex-big brother contestants anyway?
  • Bernard B.
    I wonder how much the crap yellow logo cost?
  • chrisg.
    5p by its Paint-esque look and feel.
  • WBRacing
    April 1st - I mean, come on!! Seriously...? No?? You mean it's real?! So lots of scrapped paper, vans needing to be relabelled, websites updated, forms to fill in etc..etc..? Yeah, that'll help your average engineer during this tough financial climate. The world has gone mad...
  • ronnie
    Council Of Registered Gas Installers. Nothing wrong with CORGI
  • Bernard B.
    '5p by its Paint-esque look and feel.' Some police force or another paid £35k for a black and white version of their logo. Just wondering if this effort was a similar cost. Although it looks like a 5p job - I bet it were mucho more.

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