New merchandising opportunities for post-scandal Tiger Woods

Yes, they're condoms. Just because the man got caught up in a multiple sex scandal, it doesn't mean he can't still rake in those lucrative sponsorship deals. As the belt buckle says... (click on the pic for a closer look)

Incidentally, this writer had a dream last night in which Tiger was at the Masters in Augusta with his therapist, who was insisting that Tiger remove his personalised toilet bowl at the clubhouse and replace it with a new one, for the sake of his poor wife. Does anyone else have any weird-yet-just-about-plausible Tiger Woods dreams that they'd like to share with us?



  • Junkyard
  • Gunn
    I have a feeling Tiger will get past all this and be back to normal in a while, media always moves on to the next scandal.
  • Amanda H.
    I'm not normally bothered about recycling and carbon footprints etc, but.... What a waste!
  • Tom
    This is Cabbages & Condoms restaurent in Bangkok in case anyone was wondering. Worth a visit.
  • Junkyard
    Don't worry Amanda, nothing's gone to waste, they're all used.
  • Andy D.
    So no more Tiger dreams then? Bastards. *eats loads of pre-bed cheese*
  • Obdulia S.
    I am happy that Tiger Woods is back playing. It makes the sport thrilling once more.
  • Ten B.
    [...] Tiger Woods – made out of blobs. (pictured) [...]
  • German M.
    Hi... For some reason strange things are hapenning with your site layout. The edges of the text are running into each other. It wasn't like this yesterday. I don't know if it's me or if you've made a change... Just thought you might want to look at it. Thanks! German Majer

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