New liquid eggs a break from tradition

They say you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. We’ll they’re wrong. Now you can with the help of a carton of Egg In An Instant, a new ready-made liquid egg product that is due to launch next month. April 1st wouldn’t surprise us to be honest.

The makers are aiming the bewildering product at consumers who are, in their own words, “massively lazy, massively into convenience.” But what we’re wondering is how do you measure out the amount of liquid that you need for a recipe that requires three eggs? Does the stuff come with an egg-shaped measurer that you pour the liquid into? Because, erm, would it not be easier to just crack open three eggs, like in the real world?

Rest assured dear readers, we shall follow this story like tracker dogs in the consumer woodlands. Oh yes. Now insert some egg-based puns below, but try not to make them too ‘eggs-rated.’ Heh.

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  • -=Mike H.
    I bet the price for this eggciting new product will be eggtortionate, don't get egg on your face and fall for this, although it does look cracking with it's white box, that's pretty much all of em innit?
  • chrisg.
    How do you do poached eggs with this?
  • Dave R.
    Is this some sort of yoke?
  • acecatcher3
    haha mike ur such a practical yolker
  • Dave B.
    Mike Hock - Don't give up the day job.
  • acecatcher3
    jeesh andy u cud comment urself, at present, ur not egging ppl on to comment.
  • acecatcher3
    omg no1s laughing this is hurting my eggo
  • Pad
    costco have been selling this stuff for a long time! i bought some last year
  • blackgerbil1
    wow alot of virgins on this site, all them egg jokes are UNFUNNY. on a serious note, does anyone know how many Gs of protien per 100grams and Whats the vig£ gonna be on this.
  • spong d.
    Ie bought some of this ages ago in costco too. I just love breaking eggs though!
  • hammyhamham
    they allready use this in large scale catering like pubs check out there ingreadience lists lmfao
  • acecatcher3
    @ blackgerbil - u wont find any vag in an egg drink...and u call me a virgin hahahahaha love me x
  • hammyhamham
    and yes i know i cant spell people
  • Martin
    This will look great for Easter, after pricking it with a pin top and bottom, blowing the egg out and painting it.
  • victor
    oh it made me chuckle
  • blackgerbil1
    oh hai acecahter3 aint seen you post much on hukd oh wait........... lulz i meant "vig" which is what gangster use to say money moron, fight me.
  • acecatcher3
    lol if u havent seen me ur not looking in the right places rudeboy coz im defo on fighting, id give u a game of pokemon anytime tho lol!!
  • chrisg.
    Wow. Is this IRC channel #newbz?
  • The B.
    Is it me or is it getting a wee bit teenage illiterate on here?
  • blackgerbil1
    lol chrisg and The real bob, i bench one fiddy, u mad brah?
  • acecatcher3
    sigma if u ever read this, whats the point of sending me a pm and then banning me so i cant read the pm??!! u have my hotmail please use it as contact us isnt workin clearly.
  • Bob M.
  • Matt S.
    it's too much convenience I'd be afraid I'd get lazy. Can't I have a carton of egg white and a carton of egg yolk and mix them together in the correct proportions?
  • blackgerbil1
    I think the reason for the pm is mandatory Acecather3. What is your new username.
  • acecatcher3
    nah its not dude, most just get banned and u get reson for it ie this case it says multi id, sometimes they leave a pm b4 they actually ban u ie they might say "please stop making multi ids" then they ban u...didnt get chance to read this one. ps andy could u please unban my hotmail address on this site please coz im using my mates email as the mail thing, dont think he will b best pleased lol!
  • blackgerbil1
    u bulkin brah?
  • acecatcher3
    nah mate cum on msn tonight for catch up (bit homo) x
  • blackgerbil1
    might be on later about 10pm, dont wait up xxx
  • Robin
    Oh Un Oeuf already with the bad egg jokes!
  • zeddy
    It's just catering industry pasteurised liquid egg. It has been heat treated to take all the bacteria out of it so you can make mayonnaise, Tiramasu and the like. They call for raw egg and you wouldn't want skitters using raw eggs in their shells, would you?
  • Amanda H.
  • acecatcher3
    im the guy grex xx

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