New iOS 6.1 is sucking the life out of iPhones...

It looks like Apple has dropped yet another major clanger, as the post-Jobs era lurches from one catastrophe to another.

This time it’s the latest update of the fairly important iOS mobile software, which was released last week but seems to be so far doing a decent job of knacking users’ iPhones.

Reports of battery drainage and overheating are rife among those who have updated to iOS 6.1 since it was released just over a week ago, with one user saying that battery level had dropped from 100% to just 23% in about an hour and a half.

This isn’t the first time that this sort of thing has happened with an Apple software, and so far the Cupertino tech behemoth is staying quiet about it all. Here in the UK, Vodafone are advising customers against updating to 6.1 until a fix for the drainage is found.


  • SysOp
    Highly subjective report. I have not experienced any battery drain issues.
  • evsknight
    Agreed it is subjective. I have experienced battery drain issues though.
  • Richard
    Vodafone's advice is because of 3G issues, not battery life. Some suggestions that the issue is due to Microsoft Exchange. I don't use that and have had no battery problems.
  • SysOp
    Explain further @ evsknight
  • noshit
    Mine was sucked dry last night, I still walk with a limp.
  • bashy
    Apparently it's affecting 4S owners
  • markbyrn
    I haven't had any problems with my iPhone on 6.1 but can you spare us the hyperbolic nonsense about the post Jobs era catastrophes, and provide some factual detail on who's being affected? Perhaps it's just an issue with the 4s or carrier related? There have been bugs with iOS and even hardware defects (antenna-gate) when Jobs was around, and bugs are not exclusive to Apple products.
  • evsknight
    I've been using my iphone 4S the same as always, same pattern as life for evsknight doesn't change much day to day. Overnight I've noticed that it has a lot less charge recently when I go to charge it in the morning, the charging pattern again remains pretty constant as i disconnect it at the same time and plug it in the next day at the same time. Normally it would drop a few % with regular email pushes, id be looking at around 90% most of the time in the morning. Since 6.1 its been around 60-65% in the morning and originally my first thoughts were 'gah ive left something on and its been spamming the interwebz all night' so rebooted the phone and retried again. Same deal even with no open apps. I then tested with wireless off just in case it was that, same deal. When the palpatations died and curiosity kicked in further I had a google around and found quite a bit of info about other peoples experiences and this alleged 'bug' in 6.1 where power drain was now an added feature. As for me nothing has really changed (unless the battery co-incidentally is on its way out) I think it rings some truth. For me it's not a show stopper or a heralding of some dark distant doom for Apple though some people really do seem to be frothing at the mouth over this (probably marching as some crazy pitchforked mob on Apple towers somewhere as I type this) , but yeah I think there probably is something that's happened in 6.1 and most likely will be fixed soon. As I say, it's subjective, it could be my mind playing tricks on me (though the % overnight tests seem to lean towards something in this) and the comment above about exchange could be it as that is something on 24x7 on the phone.
  • LancerVancer
    All these Apple fanboi rtards. Lolol. Flex wit da 'erb.
  • Me
    It just works...
  • Gemma
    My iphone loses half of its battery life over night and a few percent after a few minutes of not being plugged in. The battery life is something they need to address.
  • The C.
    Just dont buy shit phones you cunts
  • Darren
    baaaaaaaaaaahahaha That's what you get for buying an IPhone
  • JJ
    Zero issues here.
  • Jack T.
    I've had nothing from Vodafone advising me not to update. But then, for a communications company, they are really crap at communications.
  • James D.
    "One user reported that his iphone turned into a frog and hopped into his pond" Who cares what 1 user reports, thats shitty journalism.
  • evsknight
    Just got a vodafone text saying 3G is draining it (performance issues allegedly) and to update to 6.1.1 to fix.
  • Andy
    I love how all the posts slating Apple stuff seem to be written by barely literate children, the article itself though is pure genius though, given it was written by a literate child.

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