New HUKD blog DEFCON 1 - Dealspwn is here!

For a few weeks we've had a bunch of young upstarts sharing our desks in the Bitterwallet office. These whippersnappers have been drinking our coffee, stealing our stationary for home use and rifling through Vince's secret bottom drawer of special interest DVDs. But the little scroates have also been ferreting away at pulling together a new blog for HUKD, so it seems only right we tell you about it, albeit in a begrudging and generally grumpy manner.

Dealspwn is a blog dedicated to gaming deals and news. Expect plenty of "sick" features, as well as bags of news and oodles of deals for game lovers everywhere. It looks brilliant. They even have a button to follow them on Twitter. We don't have one of those. The little shits. Look at them, in their primary-coloured trainers. Anyway.


  • MrRobin
    Cool, that's another one for the RSS feed. Cheers!
  • Gus
    Do I detect some kind of "Nepotism" in here?
  • F.D. A.
    @Gus Why Nepotism?
  • The B.
    'Expect plenty of “sick” features'??? Is that in reference to Vince's special interest DVD's?
  • Andrew R.
    @FD Probably because BW reads quite smoothly and Dealspwn looks to be regurgitated lists of pap and it wouldn't get a mention were it not for the tenuous link to BW?
  • Dan
    Blocked at work. Rubbish.
  • Acecatcher3
    Paul did u recieve my email about the clickable link? That dealspwn is blocked by work so pretty useless to me
  • Paul S.
    I can confirm this post is the textbook definition of nepotism. And it's just launched, so give the kids time. We didn't become painfully mediocre overnight, you know.
  • Dealspwn
    Thanks for the post Paul :) There's a feedback thread over on HUKD if anyone wants to comment.
  • Paul S.
    No problem. But if you use my favourite coffee mug again, I will fight you. And stop using all the milk.
  • Acecatcher3
    Would be funny if dealspwn ended up in a few months time on bitterwallets deathwatch list.....and thanks for the hukd link I keep trying to type a message but it keeps saying I'm banned :p
  • HotUKDeals B.
    [...] dear. What started as a friendly ribbing between Andy and one of the writers of new HUKD blog GameSpwn, has resulted in a visit to A&E. So while Andy has his shoulder re-located I’m left to [...]
  • Dave S.
    Can we swear like we do on Bitter Wallet?

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