New EU Flight Regulations To Protect Consumers Not Followed you ever booked a flight with a low cost airline advertised for 1p, only to find out that after taxes, fuel, luggage charges, automatically opt-in priority boarding and insurance costs that it takes more than a simple mouse click to remove the extra ten thousand and one percent increase in hidden charges?

Irritating is an understatement, and new EU regulations rolled out last week hoped to help consumers avoid having to remove a kidney to cover the costs.  The new rules require airlines in the EU to include all compulsory taxes and surcharges in published ticket prices when advertising their flights.  However, so far, few airlines have followed all the rules.  What Consumer’s Catriona Bright said:

“Unfortunately for consumers, the inclusion of taxes and surcharges does not cover the controversial payment handling fees, which most airlines charge for debit as well as credit cards. In the case of Ryan Air, this is currently £4 per adult, per one way flight!”

Other regulations of the new legislation include initiatives that protect European nations from some of the damages they suffer when  airlines go bankrupt, and preventing airlines from charging different rates for the same flights on different national websites. As a side note, does that mean no more hot Expedia Australia or Orbitz deals? Sigh.

[New EU Regulations via Airwise]

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