New eBay sales technique - if the shoe fits...

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Because if you're going to sell a pair of shoes on eBay, the best way to show them off is slip them on and then sprawl out on the carpet. Nothing showcases a product like a women pretending to be a corpse.

[eBay] thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Louise


  • Phil76
    You are assuming it's the woman selling them. Could be the recently bereaved husband
  • Steve
    I hope none of you have had a wank over that?
  • Sawyer
    I'm more concerned that a pair of "used nude tights" is included, and that they "will be washed to ebay standards prior to despatch". What are "ebay standards"?
  • Mark
    Check out the other auction - "well worn barely black tights. I have worn these 3 times to work as a secondary school teacher" Sounds a bit fishy to me....
  • Steve
    Errm, 'her' other listing:
  • dvdj
    Ok which one of you is "Member ID gs_overland"?? Left feedback for "well worn barely black tights" and "well worn nude tights" Fucking freak!
  • Dick
    Not enough showing to get excited. It's not going to be another reflectoporn without showing a bit more.
  • Frank F.
    Why are you so sure it's a woman?
  • dvdj
    Ok, I asked the question EVERYONE was thinking... "Would you consider ignoring "ebay rules" and not washing them before postage" her (or it) reply: "I could do that" Result! Freak.
  • Dear d.
    gs_overland certainly likes his used nylons check out seller yummymummy who says she's an air hostess and I'm a pink Duracell bunny

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