New e-book reader gets into every nook and cranny

American book giants Barnes & Noble have launched their own e-book reader, and unlike the Kindle it looks like it might belong in this century. It's called the Nook and has a colour screen for one thing, plus it's touchscreen for another. It runs on the Android OS, will have wireless connectivity and cost the same as a blunty-designed Kindle. But it's another feature that everyone is getting excited about, and one that potentially dooms the last great selling point of the paperback - the ability to loan e-books to friends and family. And according to Gizmodo, a dose of common sense will be applied to e-book pricing and titles will cost significantly less than their physical counterparts. That makes perfect sense, given the lack of production or distribution costs.
Bitterwallet - Barnes & Noble Nook
Although Barnes & Noble is primarily a US brand, the company did launch e-book store in July. The Kindle might be on the way to the UK, but wouldn't you rather hold out to see if the shiny, touchscreen, colour Nook is launched in this country?


  • Gunn
    Sounds good but I'm not ready to abandon real books yet.
  • Junkyard
    What does "blunty-designed" mean?
  • david
    Looks pretty cool:) Personally I would be happy with a device which allowed me to use google books. There are a lot of books in Gbooks which are not available elsewhere. Anyone know if these sort of readers support viewing gbooks?
  • Paul N.
    I believe the Sony ereader has a deal with Google for scanned books.
  • plkrtn
    The 1,000,000 books announced by B&N includes 500,000 public domain books from Google Books, so yes it does support Google Books. This should definitely, definitely come to the UK. This, as it supports ePub, wireless book purchasing, and that amazing interface, is the iPhone for books.
  • quagmire
    "is the iPhone for books." No it's the Google Phone for books, since that phone runs on Android. Life's short why waste time getting things correct?
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Can you get the "Hot Grannies Get Nailed" magazine on this e-book reader? Thanks
  • Joe B.
    Superb looking piece of kit. Now if B&N are anything like Amazon, it should only be about two years before they launch it for EU customers and then we'll pay £500 for an item that costs about £160 to the yanks once you convert the dollar value. Awesome!
  • Rubisco
    The main e-paper screen isn't colour or touchscreen. It has 2 separate screens, the top 6-inch screen is the same monochrome e-paper as in other readers, the 3.5 inch screen at the bottom is the colour touchscreen. It's just a normal e-book reader with fancy controls. Which is a good thing, but not nearly as revolutionary as this article makes out.
  • charitynjw
    >Brian How dare you! This is a respectable site, used by good moral folk. Do you need glasses? (Oh, sorry, I guess you do as it makes you go blind!! (lol)
  • Asif P.
    its great indeed!!!

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