Never mind the b*****ks, get your pic drawn on Chatroulette instead

As Chatroulette grows more er, popular, is it fair to say that the one-to-one random video peephole website is, er, maturing?

Maybe. We’ve had the man who sings about people as he crosses online paths with them, and last week we had the Batman who was Spiderman really. The latest Chatroulette hit is possibly the best yet.

It’s Paz Bernstein, an Israeli dude who quickly knocks out a portrait of the person he is hooked up with – and here is a video of some of his finest works.

Obviously, if you want to go on the site in the hope that you’ll get your own personalised portrait, we should advise that you’ll come across a HELL of a lot of erect penises before you get there.


  • Nobby
    Many of the penises are actually fairly flaccid. I like streaming videos of hot girls instead of using a webcam, then suddenly changing the video to a fat ugly woman dancing. That stops them wanking.
  • Ogre
    The dude is good!
  • MickeyB
    I wonder how many todgers he's drawn?
  • Terry N.
    Its difficult maintaining a semi for so long whilst you wait for a woman to appear on it.
  • wonky h.
    Hello Terry, I've still got all my fingers, so can maintained a lazy lob for HOURS.
  • wonky h.
    .....or maintain even.....
  • myiphoneisbroken
    that was very good actually! Liked the spiderbat vid too.
  • Joanne
    Chatroulette sounds like my kinda thing....knowing my luck I'll get a stream of twats who draw people instead of an abundance of cock...
  • Steve
    Joanne, post your email on here and I'm sure there would be plenty of readers who will help!
  • John L.
    Freaks and retards the lot of them. Why would anyone go on Twatroullette anyway? And what else is he knocking out at the same time?

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