Netbook (MSI Wind, Mini 9, EEE, S10) Mac OS X compatibility chart

The Macbook Air is a nice bit of kit but it's expensive and mucho oversized compared to the netbooks out on the market (yes of course it is also more powerful). If you have a hankering for Jobs to release a real super-light laptop, but don't have the patience to wait several years, you may want to consider creating a hackintosh by installing OS X on an existing netbook.

Here is a compatibility chart from BoingBoing Gadgets that shows the current possibilities. Surprisingly Dell is the most compatible with the Mini 9 running perfectly under OS X.

BoingBoing Gadgets


  • -=Mike H.
    Apparently, according to a completely made up source, the ZX Spectrum will see a 147% performance increase with an installation of OS X. However the problem is, that the Mac operating system, retailing for 60p @ the local gas showrooms, comes on 782 tapes and takes 19 months to install, that's assuming it doesn't crash on tape 452, which, reading the forums, is what is commonly happening, Forum member SPAZZY69 is quoted as saying "LOOLS Dat Apple crew av released a 124 tape patch 4 dis problem LOOL :)". Alternatively, you could just fuck it off and play Death Chase or Attic Attack instead, shall we just do that? Yeah, fuck it off, stick the tape in, crrrcrcrcrcrcrc ssssssss crcrrcrsrsrsr beeeeeeeeeeepppp beeeeeeeeeep ccrrrrrrrccrrrrrrrrr bip bip biiiiip... etc. etc. so on and so forth...
  • Andy D.
    I'm getting similar problems with Windows XP, although thankfully that knacks up on tape 1.
  • Darren W.
    To be honest, I dont think you will see jobs ever release a small netbook, you are going to have the Mac Air and thats your lot.
  • Chris
    Thanks for this - have been waiting for a cheaper, lightweight machine that can run the MAC OS and now I know the Dell Mini 9 ticks all the boxes! Can't wait to replace my knackered G4 Powerbook.
  • Acksaw
    If only we could get the Mini 9 for the same price as the USA does, you can the basic one for under £130! Ours start at £200
  • Chris
    How do you install OS X on the Mini 9?
  • Paul N.
  • Chris
    Excellent. I might get one, only £200.
  • Chris
    Do you think it would work just as well on the Mini 10?
  • Chris
    lol too many "Chris's" on this website - must choose a different moniker!

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