Nestlé don't think water is a human right

Remember when everyone when nuts about Nestlé, after the tried to make Africa have their powdered milk, rather than pregnant women doling out breast milk to their infants?

Well, they're at it again, this time, saying that water isn't a human right.

In an interview for the documentary 'We Feed the World', Nestlé Chairman Peter Brabeck makes claims that water isn't a human right and that the idea that 'nature is good' is a massive crock too. In fact, he hails that idea that humans are great because they've been able to resist nature’s dominance.


Brabeck claims that privatisation of water is the best way to guarantee fair distribution and that the idea of water for all humans comes from "extremist" NGOs. So when the company aren't killing impoverished babies, they're trying to kill off the rest of us too, which is remarkable. Alas, Kit Kats are still really ace.



  • Big M.
    ' rather than pregnant women doling out breast milk to their infants?' Fucking hell.
  • Dick
    ^ remember these women are in Africa. As soon as they drop one kid, they are pregnant with another.
  • Dick
    Or was he talking about Liverpool? Same thing, only colder weather.
  • Any government that privatises water for the long term is either a) corrupt or b) taken over by Aliens or c) mad
  • Tick
    Two spelling mistakes in the first sentence: *went instead of 'when' and *they instead of 'the';) But yeah, he is ridiculous. Taking water away is the same as killing them. Besides, doesn't most parts of Africa have clean water problems making the powdered milk thing pointless (unless of course, they want them to use dirty water which is ridiculous too)?
  • Grammar N.
    @ Tick, if you are going to criticise spelling mistakes you should probably learn the difference between "doesn't" and "don't" - or is grammar not as important as spelling?
  • Justin A.
    An organisation tries to control the distribution of water, a natural resource that people need to survive? That'll be Quantum from Quantum of Solace then. Thanks for outing yourself in a documentary as a Bond villain, Peter Brabeck. That'll make it so much easier for a 00 agent to identify and eliminate you.
  • jeff
    If chickens fell out of the sky on a regular basis, chicken would be a human right too. Water belongs to us all because unlike food, water pretty much comes right to us. Governments manage water distribution, for the most part, not for profit or because otherwise people couldn't get at it, but to control disease, pollution, and waste disposal. This water thing is a stupid thought that he's had, which is more alarming than the completely expected aspect of him having a soulless and inhuman thought.
  • Justin A.
    The company has form for bottling tap water and selling it as spring water as well:
  • John C.
    KitKats suck.
  • Feck N.
    Peter Brabeck is a disgusting individual, what next trying to charge for air. Money obsessed people like this make me sick, driven by pure selfish greed and with no conscience or thought for anything other profits - nasty nasty little man
  • Alan T.
    He's a mentalist.
  • Damon
    Boycott All Nestle products until the Chairman apologizes and donates 1 million gallons of water to poverty stricken countries!!
  • chewbaccca
    The Elephant in the room, of course, is the sustainability (or lack thereof) of the majority of Africa’s populace. Remember those adverts saying some bollocks like “£100 will help Bahutu build a well for his village”? Well…. the thing is, some of those wells are tapping into water in the aquifers that has been there for centuries, even millenia. It doesn’t get replaced quickly, if at all.
  • chewbaccca
    So now, because we funded the building of wells on that blighted continent, we encouraged them to multiply. When the water runs out -and it will-, even more of them will die than if we hadn’t bothered in the first place.
  • chewbaccca
    Large swathes of Africa are fucked. It’s a humanitarian disaster waiting to happen. You think Live Aid era Ethiopia was bad? It’ll be 100 times worse. In other news, you can say cuntymcfuckbollocks on this site, but forsake god and it's moderation hell. The fucking morons.
  • Denny
    Well, he's not completely wrong. If you're living in Africa and tens of miles from a water source, what on earth does water being a human right to them mean? Nothing. It's a nice hippy-dippy theory that it belongs to everybody but if they can't get to it, it doesn't matter one jot.
  • chewbacca's m.
    @chewbacca I'm spinning in my watery grave...
  • chewbacca's m.
    I'll never know how I gave birth to such a bigoted moron...Oh yes I remember now, it was after having coitus with a Nazi named Heydrich.
  • Chewbacca's m.
    Chewie's just done his Geography homework?
  • thesmu
    This can only end in fields being watered with Gatorade.
  • Realist T.
    Oh my! I can not beleive the comments here, what world do you live in? Listen, this is how life IS, like it or not, scream about it as much as you like.....but in the meantime, life will continue the way it has been for millenia, and long after you and I are long gone and will remain exactly the same. It is otherwise known as society and it is how humas live together. Trade - this is an important word in our world, lest we forget this happens every second of every day everywhere in the world! It IS an important concept, and it is one of the most important words ever invented. You want water for free - you want to excercise you human right to water - feel free to look at the sky, and catch all the rain you care to drink. However, if you want it brought to your village/house, cleaned, sterilised and made available for most of the days of the your wallet. If you do not like this system, I suggest you go and give your time for free to all the water purification and bottling companies world wide and work for free to bring water to my table - it will be much appreciated if you do this for free for us all.
  • Yue
    There are no human rights. Just the chance to buy the World's resources from multinationals or choose not to.
  • Harry
    @Dick, is that your name or a behavioral problem?

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