Nestlé are bad! Save Nigella!

nestle We've got nothing but love for Nestle, that is if a simmering contempt at their iffy ethics and semi-illegal ways counts as “love” [Kit Kats are good though - Ed]. Why, those adorable shit-heels are now claiming to own a flower. That’s correct, THEY’RE TRYING TO EFFING TRADEMARK A FLOWER!

Yes, the company that once launched a breast milk substitute campaign that contributed to the suffering and deaths of thousands of babies from poor communities, and whose charming Chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, believes that “access to water is not a public right.”, are now claiming to own the Nigella Sativa aka fennel flower, which has been in use as a natural cure-all for thousands of years.

They even filed patents around the world to try and control it, with hopes of turning it into a private drug.

Nestle’s scientists claimed last year they discovered – something people have known since TIME BEGAN – that the plant extract could be used for ‘nutritional interventions in humans with food allergy’. Rather than actually use this knowledge to create a substitute, they've opted for the ‘being a complete dick’ route of attempting to own the flower, and suing anyone who uses it without their permission.

If you’re thinking WTF and want to try and stop this insanity, there’s a petition over at action/nestle-nigella-sativa/

Good grief, whatever next?


  • Alexis
    Was he misquoted or has he changed his mind?
  • fuqstix
    Also, you might want to stick the word ALLEGEDLY somewhere in here: 'a breast milk substitute campaign that contributed to the suffering and deaths of thousands of babies from poor communities' Just for the lawyers, you know.
  • james
    Not only did this story start months and months ago. It's also obviously not true. As 5 seconds on google would have told you. I appreciate this is from the horse's mouth but there are plenty of other pages debunking it too: Keep on spreading those rumours though. Wouldn't want any accidental truth slipping into the news.
  • Baz M.
    Who's Ian Wade?
  • shiftynifty
    See, Ian`s Wading into this shitstorm...(See what I did there ..) but yeah anything is good to stop nestle
  • badger
    I bet this Ian thinks it's going to be an easy gig, like Len Dastard did. And where's he now? Ian's probably never thought he'd have to deal with the haters and that cretin Chewbacca and all the other twats. I'll give him three months. Sorry pal.
  • Denny
    You have to read the context of the quote about water properly. Nestle are, if you pay any attention, among the first major companies to realise the importance of water supply and how companies, especially, have been so badly using it. The quote means that a company like Nestle, especially in poor or drought-stricken areas, has no inalienable right to water. Unfortunately that doesn't chime with the notion that all companies, especially the larger ones (doubly so if they're Swiss), are EVIL.
  • Coran
    Suspect references to quotes aside, the main story, patenting of a flower for medical use, might be of concern. A similar example is Metformin. The most commonly prescribed diabetic drug around, which was found as part of a flower. Their patent on the drug was declared void when it was proven the flower had been used for this purpose long long ago (in France I believe). The patent might be used to block others from using the flower (along with the researched chemical) for similar purposes. But since it was used for this purpose in the past, I dare say if it went to court, they would not rule in Nestles favour. And let's not forget, Nestle are not the most honourable company. Their 'Controversy and criticism' section on Wikipedia is up to 12 sections now.
  • Old G.
    Hi Denny, See you've still got that PR job in Nestle then? You keep turning a blind eye to those tests you did with coffee in rabbit's eyes though, don't you? You know the ones, they'd done them 50 years ago and, amazingly, you still reached the same conclusions. How's that for progress, eh? Amazingly, all the quotes that deny what you're doing seem to come from the Nestle site. For a real insiteful article, check out "My ten nights of passion with Nigella Lawson" at

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