Nescafe Gold Blend - now containing real gold?

From Amazon, everyone's go-to site when they need a jar of coffee. Thanks to keen-eyed Bitterwallet reader Justin..

Screen shot 2010-06-14 at 08.09.13


  • Dirty F.
    Must be a typing error.
  • Fred
    Must be a typing error. I agree I think you meant to type something funny, so it you sir who have the typing error BWHAHAHA
  • jim
    it really made me laugh so much, i was feeling sad this morning, but now i am so happy i could milk a cow.
  • Nobby
    £8.94 shipping. They are having a fucking laugh.
  • Galaxy
    I'll have two, please.
  • Matalan B.
    [...] The second glance – sometimes it’s to check we’ve recognised a face in the crowd, other times it’s to confirm our speed, or the time, or the price of Nescafe Gold Blend. [...]
  • junk c.
    Does anyone think Obama has a plan for this?

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