NES game sells for £28,000 on eBay, includes free postage

Bitterwallet - NES game sells for £28,000

Apparently, this factory sealed NES game is the rarest licensed NES game available for purchase in North America. The free shipping was sure to have been a dealbreaker.

Nice, but it's hardly Jet Set Willy, is it? Thanks to avid Bitterwallet reader Jon for the spot.


  • Lumoruk
  • Tom P.
    My mate in Nigeria bought this, he's just organising the Western Union payment.
  • ElBuc
    The game does look a bit shit though.
  • the2ocan
    Think of ebay's fee's on that.....ouch!
  • kev
    the guy from the ryanair flight bought it for his dinner
  • Leighton
    What a waste of money. The buyer could have done much more good in the world by donating even half of that money to people who need it. Now he's got some crap game he's never going to play. Fantastic.
  • Baines
    Leighton, You are such a dick - get back to your Greenpeace website, or whatever bleeding-heart dogshit place you've come from. Make poverty history nobcheese.......
  • Baines S.
    Baines, You are nothing but a maggot, feeding on the boil (your mother) on the arse of the world. Please choke. Thanks...

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