Need more strangers in your life? UberPool is here...

taxiWe've all heard about Uber and, simply put, Uber is an app that allows you to book a random person in a car who is willing to drive you somewhere, let you pay someone else using your mobile, and cut out the silly black cab middlemen that have been doing the job for years.

But unless you're experiencing a price surge, Uberusers claim the service is much cheaper.

So what does a good idea do to become great? Become even cheaper of course. UberPool is the latest service from Uber which aims to save you money by sharing cab rides.

Uber has apparently just noticed that lots of people in London tend to go to popular places. As a result, the UberPool option allows you to save Even More Money by hooking up with even more random strangers to share your cab ride and split the fee. And there's naturally an environmental benefit in there too.

Uber says that he UberPool option will work in the same way as the usual Uber app, calling a taxi to your location. However, by selecting UberPool the system will check for other people going your way, and you'll be told the first name of your co-rider. As a promotional opening gimmick type thing, Uber say that even if they don't find you a travelling companion, you'll get your journey discounted anyway.

But don't all rush at once. UberPool is currently practising in private beta to 'iron out the kinks' (or weed out the kinkies) with broader expansion planned for 15 August.

Nevertheless, UberPool could even be a great way to meet new people, or peculiar scary ones. Some folks are already cueing up a script for a new Richard Curtis/ Uber romcom...

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  • Bob
    Erm, nowt new here. There is already an alternative that's been doing the same thing for decades. Buses.

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