“Nazis. I hate these guys. Also, central heating systems."

In our laughably adhoc series concerning parochial newspapers and their incredible ability to spin a silk purse out of a sow's ear, we find ourselves thumbing through the pages of the Northants Evening Telegraph. The opening paragraph could only be more sensational if Bernard Betts was revealed to have two live tigers strapped to his legs:

Bitterwallet - Nazi News



  • The B.
    I reckon Peter Serafinowicz's grandad's been round and tampered with it.
  • Dick
    Why the fuck does he need the boiler on through the night? Get a thicker blanket, grandad.
  • Bob
    He sould give homecall+ a call.....No wait..... Maybe not
  • oliverreed
    Old people will moan about anything, oh, and they smell of piss.

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