Natwest in excruciatingly simple account transfer FAIL

We told you a tale of Natwest's shoddy customer services last week. From your follow-up comments, there seems to be a mindset amongst banks that services that can't be completed quickly and painlessly should be as infuriatingly cumbersome as possible.

Yet another tale of till-related hope and despair has arrived at the Bitterwallet offices, this time from Bitterwallet reader Paul. And yes, it's Natwest again:

I had to pay for a product being shipped to me from Rehau in Germany, and I was requested to deposit the funds in the appropriate account. So I called Natwest, who told me to go to my local branch where they'd complete the transfer.

After waiting in the queue I was told I needed to talk to Customer Services. I went to Customer Services and waited, again. Customer services kindly informed me I needed some form of ID, even though the people behind the counter knew who I was, and Natwest hadn't told me this prior to coming to the bank. This was rather inconvenient.

Natwest would not allow me to make the transfer (for which they would charge me the fee of £20) without some additional identification. I suggest I withdraw the money from my account, in cash, and I walk to the bank where I had to deposit the funds. That was fine by them. So, without any form of ID other than my bank card, I took £1,700 out of my account and walked to the next bank to pay it in.

Whilst I was frustrated, their stupidity saved me £20. Not sure to say thank you or fuck you to Natwest.

Another formidable banking policy that makes as much sense as a lard hammer. Please share your sorry tales of banking misery with us, at [email protected]


  • Jamie
    I have another one... My lodgers are with natwest... i'm with natwest To transfer the rent online is free! and instant Go inside.... it costs money, even tough both accounts are Natwest... oh and takes 3 days So they have to withdraw the money or write a cheque and pay it into my account! These are also both instant and free! They only have to go inside because natwest can't sort out either of their online banking! ARGGH thats i i'm done :)
  • Joff
    I've got one. Online banking for my credit card doesn't let me make a one-off payment. WTF. How do they expect me to settle the balance? No, I don't want to ring India for support because this problem deviates from any possible answers you may have.
  • Lumoruk
    Wow Natwest are gay, I was asked a series of questions and I was locked inside my Lloyds TSB when I tried withdrawing £3,600. Then when I put a £5k cheque in they asked me where the money had come from, what I was going to spend it on, and could they polish my gear stick.
  • Martin
    > To transfer the rent online is free! and instant. Go inside…. it costs money. I don't have a problem with that. If a service is offered online for free yet you have to go in to a branch, and use a person to do banking, then you should be charged. Similarly if you have an account with a cashpoint card, yet insist on queuing up to use a cashier to take out money, then you should be charged for that too (unless cashpoint is out of order or empty). PS. Cheques are not instant.
  • Travelady
    Hold on to your hats ...................there will be no such thing as free banking soon. The Uk is the only country that currently does not charge for personal card and cheque usage, even though it's your own money. But since the OFT will be ruling that there will needs to be a cap on charges for being overdrawn, the banks are currently looking at other ways to increase their income to offset the income lost in charges. Guess what you will soon be paying to use cards or cheques unless you have a packaged account that incurs a monthly fee. And it's not just NatWest that are going down that route. Pay as you go banking.......yep, coming to a bank near you soon.
  • Jamie
    @ martin Why should people pay a high fee like £10-£20 to spend their money or transffer it when the bank can't sort out their own online system! It's not even a huge ammount! Same cheque banking is instant with most banks including natwest if not its same day! Oh and also their is a Digital Divide (not everyone has access to a pc let alone the internet!)
  • Matt
    People talk like these things are services the banks give out without taking anything from you. They make money off you and your money, there should never be a charge to manage your money, else i'll just invest in something less corrupt than a bank.
  • Alasdair S.
    "PS. Cheques are not instant." I know at my bank (Bank of Scotland) when a cheque is put in from another Bank of Scotland account, it is added to my account and cleared the same day. I would not be surprised Natwest/RBS does something similar.
  • me
    seriously stop being such a whiny bitch about all this.
  • R. E.
    @me: Have you, good sir (or madam, I'm not really sure what you are) ever experienced sheer agony and HORROR of banking with NatWest? They are BAD motherfudgers!

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