Nasal spray company finds perfect sport to sponsor

Help us readers. We don’t know what is real and what is lies any more. Witness this ‘sporting event’, sponsored by Aqua Maris, a nasal spray manufacturer.

It’s the World Nose Cleansing Championships and it supposedly took place in Amsterdam recently. Or did it? Is it just some kind of crazy viral or is it an actual, genuine competition?

We’ve got no idea. Either way, it’s entertaining and disturbing in equal measures so we’re giving it a BIG BITTERWALLET THUMBS UP!


  • PokeHerPete
  • Sander
    Analysis: Amsterdam? Could very well be: the texts and the commercials boards in the background are in Dutch. The poster in the public seems to be in Russian. "Jala Neti" really seems to exist: a Yoga technique. See and And there is a Jala Neti organisation: giving info on this championship: "The International Jala Neti Federation (IFJN) is delighted to confirm the details of the largest Aqua Maris World Championship Jala Neti ever staged. The venue will be the Emergo Sports Hall in Amstelveen, a suburb of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The official hotel of the world championship is the Grand Hotel Amstelveen. The competition will take place on 28 August 2011 (Sunday)." So ... it's real! OMG!
  • Andy
    Viral ! Check out the CGI water.
  • SgtMunky
    You can tell its viral because of the poor acting when that guy wins
    Utter sh^t - the large crowd shots stadium seating doesnt match the 4 tear local russian school gym seating near the mock up event . I bet that material has never been subject to an aviation test. I d like to see the tit who cropped this rubbish togethor during aviation testing of seating material BARSTEWARD.

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