Nando's set their sights rock bottom to promote chicken to staff

Ah, the Portuguese chickeny goodness of Nando's - not as cheap and flimsy as BK and McDonalds, but nowhere near posh enough to celebrate an anniversary, or the end of your marriage. It serves up a chicken sandwich at the end of the day, and there's only so much terra cotta tiling that can dress the fact up.

But wait. Nando's have discovered the elixir of comfort food in the 21st Century - the wrap. Chicken, but in a wrap! It could be an amazing taste sensation, more so if Maccy Ds and KFC hadn't thought of it years ago. But how do you get the staff excited by the prospect of serving up this wunderfood? Why, you hire any celebrity that will whore themselves for buttons.

Who will step forward and shit away what little credibility their careers have left by starring in a corporate video for Nando's? Say hello to Andi Peters, Melinda Messenger, Johnny Vaughan and Goldie, as well as a host of other no-marks who will no doubt appear in I'm A Celebrity at Christmas. Christ's chin.


  • dan m.
    i like chicken. yum
  • Pete
    lol. Nando's is great, my favourite take away. Really good. Provided you don't expect them to get your order right. Or be able to something simple like book a table. Or communicate with their customers. Or give you the right take away bag. Or even have remembered to place your order with the kitchen. Too many times to count... Otherwise I love that stuff! Add in a 15% discount with an NHS card and you have a winner!
  • h0dgy
    20% NHS discount actually :D
  • Tom P.
    Melinda Messenger can choke my chicken anyday.
  • magicbeans
    om nom nom. love the wrap
  • Joff
    Until Nando's opens up a restaurant in Peterborough so that I may enjoy their chickeny delights, they can just cock-off.
  • dan m.
  • Hummy
    Nom Nom Nom!
  • pauski
    McDonalds - not MacDoalds - unless this is a new fat food joint.
  • Tom P.
    "McDonalds - not MacDoalds - unless this is a new fat food joint" @ pauski, these fuckers will copy anything
  • Jeezey
    I'm thrilled to say I didn't recognise a single person in that crappy clip. Are they perchance second rate celebrities after a quick buck?
  • Kayleigh
    I wish they would open up a nando's in peterborough or somewhere closer to me so i can try it!

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