Naked Will Ferrell lotion is utterly tanfastic

As the nation turns woozy in the blistering heat, we’re all lurching for the sun tan lotion, as we try to grease our puny British bodies before Mother Sun can frazzle us like roadside café bacon.

But the application of the lotion can sometimes turn a man’s mind to less than salubrious thoughts, especially if someone is rubbing it in for him. Luckily, those thoughts can be eradicated at a stroke if the semi-naked form of Will Ferrell is leering at you from the bottle of cream.

The comedy star has launched his own range of sunblock, with all proceeds going to a charity for cancer survivors, and as you can see, the product is, erm... visually distinctive. Ferrell says: “The bottle says it all. I’ve always dreamed of owning a lotion company. And I’ve always hated cancer.” True dat.

The lotions are available from the Cancer for College website and all profits go towards the charity’s Willpowered Scholarship Fund, although we're unsure if they ship to the UK. Is all of that a good enough excuse for us to show you Ferrell’s recent and very funny ‘Bat Fight’ video? True dat.



  • R J.
    He's so hot right now
  • Taylor
    Hi ! Hmmm, if this article was written for fragile and white-skinned english like me or for a global prespective? I mean I am asking this because situations change when you cross countries.
  • Life-Changing T.
    [...] 3. Join Jumo or Crowdrise: Both fairly new to the World Wide Web, they provide networking for people passionate about different causes and nonprofits. While Jumo is more for networking, Crowdrise (did I mention it was created by Edward Norton and friends?) is more of a fundraising platform that unites different people fighting the same cause, along with making it fun (try and win some Will Ferrell Raunchy Lotion)! [...]

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