Mystery shopper?

Spotted in, erm, a KFC restaurant.




  • Her L.
    It's the Colonel, but re-imagined for the 90s.
  • Tweedskin
    So THAT's where Gary Glitter has been hiding.
  • Cheesey
  • #thekfccolonel
    LOL! noone haz noticed me yet LOL ordered twister LOL didn't recognise me LOL PMSL hang on some cunt with an iphone haz just taken a picture of me tweeting G2G LOL
  • Zeddy
    It's "Dickie" Attenborough trying to look hip.
  • Dick
    Black t-shirt? It's Simon Cowell in disguise.
  • Willy
    Gary Glitter disguised as the Colonel?!?!? I'd hate to imagine what he thinks a Boneless Banquet is :-O

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