Mysterious Face On The New 3 Facebook Phone Has Come Off

We recently wrote a post about the new 3 Facebook phone, as mentioned on 3’s teaser page for weeks.  The phone will be unleashed upon us officially next Thursday, but it appears that a few more details on the cat has slipped out of the bag.

We all know that the 3 phone will give access to the social networking site Facebook, and that INQ Mobile has partnered with them to manufacture their own mobiles.

What we may not know is that INQ's chief executive, Frank Meehan, who revealed some info to Reuters recently that their new prototype handset, the INQ1, may have more in connection with 3 than we realise.

Meehan said that the INQ1 will be cheaper than £125 (US$200) and will provide “tight integration [the phone’s] contacts book with popular social sites like Facebook.”  Okay... so what?

Here's what: Meehan was Director and GM of 3G Handsets and Products for the Hutchison Whampoa Group, 3’s parent company.

Yep.  The guy who used to decide on the company's product portfolio is now making phones too... coincidence? I say not, and it's probably safe to assume he's talking about the Facebook Phone.

While we are uncertain what he means by "tight integration" (a facebook launch button? a poke button?), it may be interesting to have a live update button on all contacts that syncs with your facebook contacts, updating their live statuses, and being able to update yours on the go.  If I were a product designer, my bets would be on that to be one of the included functions.  Wanna bet? :)

The price tag of under £125 certainly may appeal to some, so let's hear your thoughts and comments!

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