Must we feed this filth to our kids?

First it's pictures of Gaddafi's corpse on the front page of respected British newspapers, then it's disgusting muck like this being offered up in freezer centres as frequented by good folk like avid Bitterwallet reader Danny.


Hang on - they've been displaying Gaddafi's corpse in a freezer centre recently - maybe there's some kind of link. And they froze Walt Disney as well, and he was probably evil. Keep warm readers, keep warm...


  • Fake B.
    Slagroom is Dutch for whipped cream, which is ironic, because I always take some when visiting the slagroom.
  • Jason B.
    Wow, she looks hot.
  • Dick
    You can also get it in a can. The dutch have some great names.
  • tin
    Cool, it's from the Albert HEEEECHHHHHHHHHHHHHHn
  • klingelton
    I think I missed the joke...

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