Must not buy... the Super Mario Bros cardigan

Are you a Super Mario Brothers fan? Have you got a spare £280 lying around in a drawer somewhere? If so, you could afford to buy yourself a Nintendo Wii and at least three games starring your pixelated plumber heroes.

Or, if you’ve already got all that stuff (and if you’re a true Mario Bros fan, then you definitely have), why not use that £280 to get yourself one of these snazzy zip-up cardigans with Mario and Luigi all over the front?

Go on – you’ll be the talk of  the psychological unit…




  • John S.
    Looks absolutely shite.
  • lightning101
    It's the tartan trousers I fancy.
  • lightning101
    Actually £280 in "1985" by my estimates, that's about £1200 now
  • test
    ^^^ how bright is your monitor?!?!!
  • bobbbby
    And why was he looking at his crotch???
  • Paul C.
    Where's the knitting pattern for it? My mum made me a Roland Rat one when I was a nipper - I'm sure she'd be able to knock something similar up. Perhaps a couple of Bullet Bill's on the lapels and a Lakitu shoulder pad. Failing that - cheap cardie, some Fluffits and a hairdryer.
  • PokeHerPete
    Do you guys have a free delivery code?
  • Mike U.
    The guy looks a right tit, complete with stupid grin
  • David d.
    He's a right scruffy c*nt.
  • PokeHerPete
    Yeah, he looks like his clothing is from a charity shop. He doesn't look like hes wearing a £280 jumper.

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