Must not buy: the jiggling topless Disney doll

The packaging seems to suggest that it’s an official Disney product, but the description of this unusual doll suggests otherwise. Yes people, it’s the ‘Solar Powered Shaking Breast Cartoon Anime Figure Toy’ – a snip at only $5.60 from DealExtreme.


It’s simple but, erm, brilliant (???) – just expose the doll to sunlight and her front chesticles will start to rhythmically jiggle before your very eyes. Who is it aimed it? We’ve got absolutely no idea. Do we want one? Er, no actually. But thanks anyway to the oddball Bitterwallet reader who got in touch with us about it, whose email has disappeared. Or self-destrcucted. Probably that actually.


  • Yoda
    That's my secret Santa present sorted then.
  • Matt
    Any of these availble in the UK? It'd make an epic joke prezzie!
  • Commercial B.
    [...] accept our sincere apologies if you were traumatised by our earlier story about the topless solar-powered jiggling ‘Disney’ doll. Hopefully this advert will make you realise that kids’ dolls are lovely, sweet, harmless [...]
  • Nobby
    Has anyone got a link to the product? I can only find the anime ones, and these are not topless.
  • Mr G.
    Try searching for "45654"

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