Must not buy... a $100 bottle of Hello Kitty water

hello-kitty-jewelry-water How we laughed the other day at the story of the Frank Lampard-branded gold iPods that were being sort of melted down due to lack of sales. How amusing it was to learn that they were going to become Hello Kitty iPods instead.

But which is REALLY more extreme – Brand Lampard or Brand Kitty? Probably the latter, if this is anything to go by. It’s Hello Kitty ‘luxury water’ and each bottle will set you back the small sum of $100 (about £65 at the moment).

We’re sure it’s lovely water and everything, but for £65, we’d want it to be infused by distilled nectar taken from the veins of the late Princess Diana thank you very much.

[Kitty Hell]


  • Nobby
    Fucking crazy japs.
  • Spark
    Do you mind? Some of my closest friends are 'japs' as you call them and not everybody in Japan is into this shit. Just like not all English people are drunken loud mouthed bastards with bad teeth and no dress sense. In actual fact most of this Hello Kitty garb is now actually manufactured for sale in Europe and America where it's considered Kitsch. Most modern young Japanese consider Hello Kitty to be old hat.
  • Pinky
    Fucking crazy japs
  • Nobby's f.
    Fucking crazy japs
  • Milky
    Fucking crazy japs
  • Nobby
    I apologise for being offensive. I didn't mean the nips any offense.
  • having t.
    Fucking crazy japes
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