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It's time we all started killing our poultry humanely isn't it? Now we can, with this... object.




  • The B.
    Looks like it's perfect for choking your chicken.
  • SkepticSausageEater
    I have one of these already for cracking my nuts at christmas. I didn't know it could do this too - bonus.
  • Crackajack
    Great just what I need to shut that fricking noisy thing a few houses down. Kill two birds with one stone, peaceful mornings and Sunday roast.
  • Jolyon B.
    I just hope the chicken hasn't got a gag reflex or it could be quite uncomfortable for the poor thing !
  • will
    @ Jolyon: the chicken is having its skull crushed and you are concerned that it is gagging??
  • Jolyon B.
    @will : The chicken could vomit as part of the gag reflex and choke to death as its airway is obstructed by the "Hunters Humane Poultry Killer"
  • will
    @ Jolyon: I can assure you that with the imminent crushing of the chicken's brain, suffocation will be the worst of its problems. i.e. the brain is needed for the perception of pain, and no brain = no pain.
  • Chewbacca
    Still better than doing it halal stylee, which let's face it only the foreigners in this country want...
  • Jack T.
    @chewbacca: I'm no fan of halal style but I bet it's more humane than this.
  • samuri
    don't tell DLM or rappy
  • Phil R.
    can this be used on other animals? where can i get one from?
  • qwertyuiop
    I'd imagine it's very easy trying to shove this into a live chicken's mouth. So much lol on the packaging.

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