Multi-purpose child's bracelet for sale on Craigslist

Craigslist - it's a wonderful, near-infinite world of possibilities, for so many reasons. Last week it was an innocent request for help assembling flat pack furniture, today it's the next-door neighbour selling a bunch of stuff she found in her son's room, including a bracelet suitable for a child. Or perhaps not.

Bitterwallet - kid's bracelet on Craigslist



    The son deserves a little respect for his quick thinking!
  • spong_miester
    At least she cleaned it up for the photo!! I demand a Craigslist UK
  • Arty F.
    If she thinks honestly that i would pay $20 for a fuckin bracelet she has another thing coming, she can shove it up her ass for all i care the oul bitch. (it was a joke, she's supposed to stick it up her ass, haha!)
  • Mark (.
    Arty Fufkin you are a fucking loser. Talk about sapping the humour.
  • ...
    spong_miester, there is a Craigslist UK, you fucking spastic
  • Mel
    Thank goodness someone slipped up and mentioned what it actually is, I had a vague idea, but I've never seen one with string involved! I must be naive at 21.
  • Terrence D.
    Anyone know what the shipping is on this??? Maddy would be ecstatic with such a gift.
  • Robert S.
    Thanks for this great helpful post. Surely gonna help me!

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