M&S plan even more Simply Food stores

marks and spencer Marks & Spencer are really going for it with their Simply Food stores; mainly because their food is the only thing they can do right at the minute.

The company's three-year plan, running until 2016, had already earmarked the introduction of 150 new stores, and has now added another 50 into the schedule.

This follows good news for the food end of M&S as food sales rose 3.6% and 1% on a like-for-like basis in its half-year results. Meanwhile, no-one wants to buy their boring, crappy clothes (and the adverts aren't helping because no-one wakes up in a morning and thinks 'I know! I want to dress like Annie Lennox in 2014!').

M&S food however, is doing very well and has been helped by a host of new lines, alongside their recent foray into frozen ready meals.

Marc Bolland, Chief Executive, said "We expect our Food business to continue to outperform the market with a higher number of new Simply Food stores planned over the next three years, up to 200 from 150 previously guided."

So there you have it. Everyone will be having Percy Pigs for their breakfast and stocking up on fish 'n' chip pies while slurping bottles of rhubarb and custard drink. Written down, M&S food looks mental.

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  • retailpig
    This is the same company that opened a Simply Food store in Weybridge, Surrey, only to shut it fairly quickly when it discovered that, because it didn't stock a complete range, customers went a few shops up the road to finish their food shopping at Waitrose, rather than get in their cars and drive to the nearest large M&S a few miles away. Subsequently the large store lost more money to Waitrose than the smaller one could make. Waitrose were smugly pleased with the whole event. But, Morrisons is opening a large store in about three weeks in Weybridge. I hope this takes the smiles off the faces off the holier than thou management at overpriced, understocked Waitrose.

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