M&S criticised over 'blink and you'll miss it' £10 Champagne offer

louis-chaurey-champagneJust a week after rumblings of grumblings from Amazon customers about the speed with which the online retail giant sold out of the stuff in their ‘Black Friday’ offer, it’s Marks & Spencer who are under the spotlight of shame today.

Scores of miffed punters on HotUKDeals are crying foul after last week’s heavily-advertised M&S £10 Louis Chaurey Champagne offer didn’t seem to involve all that much selling of the fizzy booze. The offer was scheduled to begin on Thursday but disgruntled customers have said that the ‘sold out’ signs were up in many stores shortly after 9am with no sign of any stock.

M&S have said it had ordered 1,000 times more bottles of the Champagne than it had sold in the whole of the previous week. Which is all well and good, but we don’t know exactly how many bottles they sold the previous week – something that renders their boasting as irrelevant at best and sneaky at worst.

“All our stores had extra supplies of Louis Chaurey Champagne for the promotion," said an M&S spokeswoman. "Our £10 Champagne deal was extremely popular. We bought our single-biggest order of Champagne for the promotion. However, a small number of stores sold out quickly"

The OFT are about to publish a report into ‘bait advertising’, when a juicy offer turns out to be little more than a way of getting customers through the door thanks to limited availability. Did you manage to get a £10 bottle of Louis Chaurey Champagne at M&S last week? Or did you try and fail? Let us know below...

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  • ThePonceOfWales
    My son, Willy, is getting married to a commoner next April, so One thought, "Fuck it, I'm not using my vintage Krug on those plebs" and I got my man to go 'round and buy up all the cheap stuff from M&S before they opened.
  • Matt
    The one local to my work (Hampstead) had plenty, they certainly had stock for the entirety of the first day. That's despite it being a massively popular offer with the staff in the (very large) hospital where I work. Most staff I know got 2 bottles, but M&S still didn't sell out. It's not often I say this, but I'm on the side of the big corporation here, it was a fair deal with lots of stock, unlike amazon.
  • Moaner
    Well i actually missed out on the deal myself but to be fair when i discover the offer (while browsing) at my local M&S there were lots of bottle available (at 9am). I went back later in the day during my lunchbreak to grab some at 1pm and they were completely sold out. These offers are just first come first served and i don't really understand why people moan about them. Wether there are 10000 items up for grabs or just a few there is always going to be folks who miss out. We don't complain when we go to a regular sale and there is only one reduced jacket or someone else grabbed the last pair of slippers has been sold before we arrive at the store, so why do people think its ok to moan because they missed out on a LIMITED offer.
  • stavros
    @ponceofwales genius! but may one ask... does one bum foxes?
  • James
    I went to my local M&S (Hedge End, Southampton) at lunchtime on thursday and friday and quite easily picked up 2 bottles both times with free bottle bags for £10 each. i dont understand what people are moaning about, my m&s store had about 1000 bottles each day and i cant really fault the company. unlike amazon with like 3 units on sale.
  • PokeHerPete
    @James, You greedy fucker! Buying TWO bottles? Way to ruin it for everyone else.
  • kv
    M&S aren't psychic, it's impossible to accurate predict exactly how many to send to each store
  • someone s.
    I absolutely hate offers like this and their frequent "Dine In for £10" offer. M&S fills up with the unwashed lower classes wanting to pretend they are middle class, like me. I'd prefer to pay a little more and not have to see these people. Thy can have Lidl and Aldi, we will keep M&S and Waitrose.
  • shinkyshonky
    they knocking them out at my local M&S bankside london, even the woman on the till was promoting it.....lovely
  • shinkyshonky
    twat with the 88k salary....GTFO
  • someone s.
    shinkyshonky, Actually I drive a GTO. What is a GTFO?
  • shinkyshonky
    twat with 88k...get the **** off ...........
  • Boris e.
    Go _to_ the shops Mr 88K? Tut tut. Can you not afford any 'service'?
  • zeddy
    Mr 88k's butler likes to use the tradesman's entrance. So does Mr 88K.
  • Paul C.
    WHAT A LOAD OF BOLLOCKS THIS NEWS IS. Sorry guys - but the news feeds are quite wrong about this. Stores were allocated the alcohol based on their size and potential sales uplift. People are still going into stores TWO FUCKING WEEKS later asking for it, and then expecting it to still be knocking about. But HEADS UP ,CUNTS - the very same Champage - Louis Chaurey will be going half price next week to £14/5 and will be included in the Buy 6 bottles, save 10% deal. Don't work there - just, how you say, 'dans la boucle'
  • James
    If there was no stock then how do you explain a friend of mine who works at M&S in Southampton going home with 3 boxes. There was loads of stock - it was just sold out before the store opened because the staff bought it all with the bonus of the staff discount.
  • Ten B.
    [...] M&S criticised over ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ £10 Champagne offer [...]

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