MPs to Ban Alcohol Discounts And Increase UK Drinking Age

Members of Parliament announced earlier this week that it may be necessary to raise the legal drinking age and place bans on cut-price alcohol to reduce related public disorder.

MPs blame cheap alcohol for the level of street violence, saying that alcohol is now 69% cheaper than in the 1980s, with 45% of victims saying that they were attacked by drunk people.  Home Office's research shows a 1% rise in disorder and criminal damage as well as violent crime between 6pm and 6am since 24-hour opening was introduced.

The Commons Home Affairs select committee revealed that policymakers were considering raising the age for buying alcohol from 18 to 21, a move which is already under way in Scotland. MPs see supermarket deals on beer and wine designed to lure in customers as a contributing factor, and they also want to restrict happy hours and other alcohol promotions.  MPs believe that policy changes will also help resolve resource issues with football hooligans and alcohol related violence especially on the weekends.  But will it, really?

Parliament UK Live will be holding an audio/visual meeting this afternoon discussing various aspects of this issue, which you can stream directly from Parliament UK website from 3:30 pm today.

[Daily Mail]


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    See: for more details... The people behind it did Barrack Obama's online marketing.
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    cool stuff i hope i get to read more updates

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